Our massage therapists will provide a safe, appropriate and effective massage. They work with patients who suffer from a wide spectrum of conditions and complaints, offering a customized massage to our patients and others in the community who want excellent service and relief from pain.

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Different Styles and Benefits of Massage

~Deep Tissue/Sports Massage~

Deep Tissue/Sports Massage helps target the areas of discomfort caused by repeated use or poor postural alignment. This technique involves the use of a variety of deep strokes and trigger point work to access deeper muscle tissue fibers. Deep Tissue and Sports Massage can help shorten recovery time from muscular strain by flushing the tissue of lactic acid, uric acid and other metabolic wastes.

~Swedish/Relaxation Massage~

Swedish Massage is the modality of choice for full body treatments. It promotes relaxation and helps reduce stress and tension held in the body’s tissues. This technique is very soothing and helps improve blood and lymph flow, as well as increasing range of motion. It can enhance your overall sense of wellbeing.

~Trigger Point Therapy~

A “Trigger Point”, also known as a “knot”, is a hyperirritable spot that can be very painful. It is called a trigger point because it “triggers” a painful response. These can also cause referred pain in tissues supplied by nerves. This technique is used to locate and deactivate the trigger point using finger pressure.

~Prenatal Massage~

Expectant mothers experience unique physical and emotional changes that occur as a result of increased weight, shifting posture and adjusting hormone levels. The physical discomfort ranges from muscle tension and headaches to pressure on the low back. Prenatal Massage is a gentle form of therapy treatment aimed at alleviating these and other pregnancy related symptoms.

Some of the Many Benefits of Massage:

  • Promotes Relaxation
  • Reduces Stress
  • Increases Blood Circulation
  • Relieves Muscle Tension and Discomfort
  • Aides in muscle repair after injury or work out
  • Increases joint mobility and range of motion
  • Assists in the recovery of chronic muscular tissues and acute postural imbalances
  • Improves overall health and wellbeing!

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Our doctors are committed to providing pain relief from a variety of symptoms and conditions so you can have a higher quality of life.

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