Neck Pain

Neck Pain

Neck Pain treatmentMuch like back pain, neck pain often arises from problems with the spine or the nearby connective tissue. The neck is especially sensitive to these problems since it is typically rotated and tilted more often than the back. These motions, or attempts to make them, put plenty of wear on the neck and can quickly aggravate existing problems.

Common Causes of Neck Pain

Often, pain results when the neck is stretched or rotated too far. This causes strains and sprains which, if left alone can take weeks or longer to heal. One of the most common types of this problem is whiplash, which typically results from being rear-ended in a car accident or other collision. The force coming from behind causes the head to be forcefully whipped forwards and backward causing injury.

Intentionally whipping your head to the side, such as you might do when you’re startled by something to your left or right, can also cause a surprising amount of damage. While this pain often subsides within a day or two, it can persist for months if you happen to have done the motion at particular angles. Long-lasting pain from such freak injuries often involves the spine as well as the soft tissues.

Bad neck posture over a prolonged period, such as that caused by looking at a computer screen or keyboard that is at too low of a height, can also result in neck pain. This sort of injury is typically accompanied by stiffness, so after a long time, you may find it hard to lift your head back up again. This makes things even worse.

How a Chiropractor Can Help

Here at Exceptional Chiropractic in MN, neck treatments start with an examination of the painful area and any areas suspected to be playing a role in causing the pain. Then, we typically perform an upper cervical spinal adjustment. This treats the vertebrae, discs, and other structures in the neck. Soft tissue treatments are performed as required to help speed healing of strains and sprains. If we find that your posture or other habits are causing your problem or making it worse, we will provide education and corrective exercises to help you sit in a healthier way.

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