Shoulder Pain

Shoulder Pain

Shoulder Pain in ham lake and champlinAt Exceptional Chiropractic, serving Ham Lake, MN, and the surrounding area, we offer the region a holistic solution for aches and pains including shoulder pain. We use a variety of natural methods to reach the core of the problem. We see patients who have shoulder pain as a result of an injury or chronic condition.

Conditions We Treat 

You may have shoulder pain as a result of instability, which occurs when the joints move or are forced, out of place. Typically, instability will cause you to experience pain when you raise your arm. You might have impingement syndrome on your shoulder caused by your shoulder muscles rubbing on the top portion of your shoulder blade. Impingement tends to cause inflammation and usually results from you moving your arms over your head repeatedly.

Sometimes, our patients have tendinitis in their shoulder. Two main types of tendinitis in the shoulder exist swimmer’s shoulder and pitcher’s shoulder. The type you develop depends on the tendons that are inflamed. The condition occurs when the shoulder becomes irritated or inflamed, resulting in pain or tenderness around the affected joint.

We see patients who injure the muscles or tendons in the rotator cuff. Sprains, strains, and tears in the rotator cuff are a common occurrence since the soft tissue in this part of the shoulder aids in you lifting your arms up. You may dislocate your shoulder, which means the upper arm bone comes out of the socket of the shoulder blade. You could also tear the muscle or other soft tissue in the shoulder. We also see patients who after they’ve had surgery on their shoulder. Sometimes, arthritis is the culprit of your shoulder pain.

How We Treat Shoulder Pain 

We start the process of treating your shoulder pain by acquiring imaging such as X-rays, so we know what’s causing your pain and discomfort. Next, our chiropractor may manually manipulate the shoulder to place the bone back in the socket. We may recommend chiropractic massage to ease any inflammation and soothe your sore muscles.

Our chiropractor might recommend certain stretches or implement exercise therapy into your treatment. Exercising your shoulder can help stretch the muscles, so you have less pain and are able to recover sooner. Chiropractic treatment for shoulder pain could also consist of hot and cold therapy or chiropractic massage.

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