Sports Massage

Sports Massage

Sports Massage in ham lake and champlinFor many, the idea of getting a massage is to help their muscles loosen a bit. However, most can benefit from a massage, especially sports athletes who are among the most common groups of people who seek our massage therapy.

At Exceptional Chiropractic in Ham Lake and Champlin, MN we offer sports massage for athletes of all levels as well as other types of massage including Swedish, deep tissue, and more. The type of massage used is an individualized decision based on each person’s individual needs, and our assessments can also help identify whether massage alone is the best treatment option for you, or whether you might want to consider chiropractic treatment as well. In the end, the choice is always yours.

Sports Massage Benefits Beyond Loosening Up

There are many reasons why the American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA) advocated for athletes to receive massages. Some of the benefits include

  • Increased performance
  • Reduced pain
  • Improved focus
  • More efficient recovery

These benefits happen because of both a mechanical response in the body that is related to the amount of pressure and movement the masseuse uses as part of the massage. But reflexes are affected too, as nerves react to the massage.

How Massage Effects Physiological System

A big reason why many participate in sports and exercise programs is to improve or maintain their overall physiological health, including their cardiovascular system and circulation. Sports massage plays an important role in this process. This technique encourages proper blood flow as well as proper delivery of nutrients and oxygen to all areas of the body, including the heart.

With better circulation, muscle tension is reduced as well as your level of soreness and even resting heart rate, which may actually increase sports performance long term. Having relaxed muscles may also mean improved range of motion and flexibility.

Book an Appointment for a Sports Massage Session

In addition to physical benefits, a sports massage also helps release stress, tension, and anxiety, and can even bring about increases in “feel good” hormones, including dopamine and serotonin while reducing stress triggered cortisol levels. Getting a sports massage isn’t like an aroma-therapeutic spa massage. It is faster paced and can be tailored to your specific athletic pursuits.

To learn more about the type of massages available at Exceptional Chiropractic, contact either our Ham Lake or Champlin, MN location at (763) 208-5382 to schedule an appointment.

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