Products in ham lake and champlinChiroFlow Water Pillows
These unique, water-filled pillows have a StaLoft Premium Dacron Hollofil Fiber pillow over the water base for a comfortable night’s sleep.
ChiroFlow Water Pillow facts:

  • Is clinically proven to improve sleep quality
  • Is hypoallergenic
  • Promotes falling asleep faster and waking up less during the night
  • Rejuvenates skin
  • Supports neck to reduce the intensity of neck pain

Nutrition Supplements
Exceptional Chiropractic carries pharmaceutical-grade nutrition supplements to enable our patients to experience optimal health.

We offer products primarily from NutriDyn, Metagenics, Barlean’s and Apex. These companies have a track record of quality, innovation and scientific research.

Our doctors tailor their nutrition recommendations to the patient’s needs.

Telic Footwear
Sandals rarely provide the support that feet need to prevent hip, knee and back pain. These are different! Here is why:

  • They are made of a special blend of elasto-polymers that provide cushioning, rebound and elasticity. They not only absorb shock, but have a “bounce back” effect. The elasticity of the material provides a secure, snug fit for a wide variety of foot shapes. They float, are non-porous, anti-bacterial and machine washable!
  • The textured foot bed has a gentle massaging effect that also helps prevent wet feet from sliding around. Great for water sports and boating.
  • The Telic material reacts with body temperature so the shoe conforms to the feet. The raised texture softens and the shoes feel like a natural extension of the feet.
  • Telic shoes are contoured to support the arches of the feet. The shoes have a deep heel cup and good medial arch support. A slight heel rocker offloads heel pressure and accentuates arch support.

Here is what others have said about their Telic sandals:

One of the most comfortable sandals I have ever put on. It is like walking on clouds.

I have plantar fasciitis in both feet and arthritis. (The shoes) feel like heaven!!!!

After the marathon, I put on my Telic sandals, it was the best feeling ever!

Stop in to our office to try on the sandals for yourself! They make great gifts, too!

Click here to go to the Telic website

Foot LevelersFoot Levelers
You wouldn’t wear eyeglasses that weren’t prescribed for you or take an over-the-counter drug when you needed a prescription drug. In the same way, Foot Leveler orthotics are made specifically for the individual. Using a state-of-the-art scanner to see what areas of the feet need to be corrected, Foot Levelers will design a custom-fit orthotic, even taking into account the activity level of the wearer.

Foot Leveler Stabilizing Orthotics are individually designed for the individual’s unique postural problems — not just problems with the feet. We believe that correcting imbalances in the feet can properly align the spine and pelvis. Stabilizing Orthotics offer more than just short-term symptom relief, they also promote whole-body wellness for life.

Most orthotic companies sell products that only support one arch. This shifts the problem to another part of the body. Stabilizing Orthotics support the three interconnected arches of the foot, the plantar vault, where the structural support for the entire body’s equilibrium is gained.

Tips for getting the most from your Stabilizing Orthotics:

  • Remove your Stabilizing Orthotics from your shoes nightly to let the Orthotics air out
  • Avoid exposure to water. If Stabilizing Orthotics get wet, remove them and allow to completely dry before re-inserting
  • If soiled, wipe with a clean, damp cloth, Never use cleansers or chemical solvents on your Stabilizing Orthotics
  • Your Stabilizing Orthotics should be reevaluated by your healthcare professional annually or when significant changes occur in your physical conditions (e.g. major weight change, pregnancy, injury)
  • Shop for shoes with your Stabilizing Orthotics. Be sure they fit in the shoes before you buy them
  • It may take 2 to 3 weeks for the fit to be comfortable. Follow your practitioner’s instructions for breaking in your Stabilizing Orthotics, including coming in for periodic adjustments.

The Foot Levelers’ Promise

We want you to be completely satisfied with your purchase, so we cover all materials and workmanship with a 1-year guarantee. If for any reason you are not satisfied with your individually designed Stabilizing Orthotics, just notify your healthcare professional. She will contact us so that we can modify your Stabilizing Orthotics to better fit you.