We value our patients’ experience at Exceptional Chiropractic. If you are currently a patient, please feel free to drop us a note about how you have been helped by Dr. Christine, Dr. Dale, Dr. Rebecca, Dr. Marcia or our staff.

I saw Dr. Christine for a sore knee 9 years after replacement. The Doctor was approachable and answered all my questions. She was very open and willing to address my concerns. The treatments have made it easier to walk and has reduced my pain. I would highly recommend her. I am so happy I called Dr Christine to see if she could help me. Patient from Andover 

I saw Dr. Dale for migraines, back pain, and anxiety. He was very thorough in explaining each process and answering additional questions. I had never seen a chiropractor before and Dr. Dale made everything simple to understand, easy and effective! My migraines, back pain and anxiety have decreased. Dr. Dale changed my life!   Patient from Blaine

I was seen for my low back and left hip pain. Dr. Christine was approachable and answered my questions. I was really impressed with her knowledge about the PEMF machine. When I was done with my treatment, I saw and felt immediate improvement in  my strength and stability. The pain I was experiencing was much more manageable and tolerable. I was able to do high knee lifts with virtually no pain. I was able to maintain the strength and stability I felt after my treatment two days later. I also think that drinking the mineral solution as well as at least 16 oz of water before treating on the PEMF bed is going to be key for any patient to see and feel immediate improvement. I know it worked for me.     Patient from St. Paul

I was unable to work as a hair stylist or even write, my hands were so bad. I was a depressed wreck, a total cripple, and on Vicodan. I couldn’t even drive. The doctor fixed me and now I come for maintenance care. Now I can give 20+ haircuts in a day and am #3 stylist out of 17 salons. Patient from Shoreview   

I initially came in to see the doctor because my riding instructor was noticing a large imbalance between my left and right sides. At first, I was highly skeptical that there was anything a chiropractor could do to help, but I have never been happier to be proven wrong. During the consultation, the doctor pointed out the tilt in my hip alignment, the muscle stiffness in my shoulders, and the compression in my neck, and then worked around my hectic traveling work schedule to set up a rehabilitation timetable. It was difficult the first few visits, but the doctor patiently explained how it was normal to experience some muscle spasms as my body was learning to adjust to being in the right position after having been in the wrong one for so man years. Fast forward one year, and not only am I feeling physically better, but my riding has improved as well. If you’re looking for a chiropractor who truly understands how the body works, who listens to your concerns, and is willing to work with our schedule, then look no further!  Patient from Arden Hills

I saw the doctor for dizziness, migraines, and neck pain.
She is very friendly, personable,  and answered all my questions. After being treated by her, my dizziness went away and my neck pain has improved. I would absolutely refer her to family and friends. I drive an hour each way with an 8 month old because I feel the care I receive is awesome. Patient from St. Paul

I saw the doctor for back, knee, shoulder, and neck pain. She was very approachable and answered my questions in a very professional manner.
The time factor with AHLC is so important, in terms of working on the human body. My previous practitioner was 3 to 5 minutes in and out.
In just two treatments, my knee and back are very much improved.
I would definitely recommend it to family and friends.   Patient in Albertville, MN

I saw the doctor for nutrition consultations. She has always been approachable and has answered my questions. She has enabled me to improve my diet and lifestyle so I am feeling much better. I would definitely refer her to family and friends.  Patient in Ham Lake, MN

The doctor has been wonderful with my treatment. I feel like a different person most days because the pain is more manageable. I am now able to sleep comfortably and daily pain is gone or at a minimum. A previous chiropract6or did not look deeper into the cause of my pain, just treated “in the moment.” I love that this is a complete-care office. I have figured out more issues coming here than at a family practitioner.   Amy from Andover, MN

I have seen the doctor for back, neck, and hip issues. From my first session with her, I was immediately impressed with her really listening to me, her ability to connect, and openness in considering which options to consider. She is very positive, and has a variety of avenues/techniques she applies. She thoroughly explains what she thinks is going on, and consistently asks for feedback. When she’s stumped, she is always open to considering different modalities, and communicating with various practitioners from other disciplines. My body is definitely able to move better – with faster improvement – after working with her! Sue from Ham Lake, MN

I was seen at Exceptional Chiropractic for upper back and neck pain that I had had since I was approximately 18 years old. Being 38, I had lived with this pain for a long time and had really incorporated it as a “normal” part of my life. Within two visits, the doctor had made me essentially pain-free. After the second visit, I experienced a release of tension and anxiety that made me feel as if I were a new person. The doctor explained that I may experience an “endorphin release,” but from my point of view, it was much more than that. It felt as though 20 years of tension and distress was suddenly liberated from my spine, a true testament to the idea of spinal subluxation and how it affects not only our spine, but our entire body, including our affect and emotional well-being. I believe exercise combined with effective chiropractic adjustments leads to the best quality of life for me. Patient from Blaine, MN

The doctor was the first doctor to actually understand and take the time to gather information to address my concerns and issues. Most importantly, she actually seemed to care about my well-being : ) Love her! I’m amazed at the results and how my health and well-being have improved. It is a lifestyle change for me now and I’m thankful for her knowledge and willingness to help me achieve my nutritional goals! Patient from Ham Lake, MN

I started seeing the doctor when I was six months pregnant. I had horrible pelvic and lower back pain along with shooting pain from my rump to my knees. My symptoms started to subside after my first appointment. I was seen three times in the first two weeks. By the time these appointments were done I felt 100% better. I kept maintenance appointments every two weeks for the duration of my pregnancy and didn’t have any more issues. I would recommend her services to anyone. She is truly skilled and I appreciate it!   Patient from Anoka, MN

Almost immediately after starting the QEEG Training, we started seeing results for our 11 year-old daughter. Her teachers, who did not know we had begun the Training, reported drastic improvements in the first two weeks, including higher test scores, concentration and focus, ability to get along with other students, and overall improved attitude. For the first time, she can retell a story in the right sequence. She is sleeping better and is noticeably happier. We are so excited for the rest of the Training!     Mother of 11 year-old girl, Ham Lake, MN 

I had been experiencing the “doctor shuffle” with  no answers to pain, chronic headaches and feeling run-down for several years.Dr. Christine persuaded me to have full-panel lab work done as she believed there was an underlying problem that the doctors were missing.Thanks to her persistence, I was found to have high levels of iron in my blood that were causing these symptoms. I was able to follow-up with a specialist. With the simple solution of removing a few pints of blood, the problems were resolved! She cared enough to keep trying and took the time to read through my medical records to put the pieces together. Her knowledge excels in her field and I would recommend her practice to anyone. Deb, Andover, MN

The biggest change we have noticed in our daughter since starting the QEEG Training is her sleep pattern. She no longer tosses and turns all night. She is waking up well-rested! We have also seen improvement in her ability to do puzzles. She has gone from struggling to do 12 piece puzzles to attempting 48 to 100 piece puzzles.Her ability to do math multiplication facts has become easier for her. Her teacher told me she was one of the fastest in her class!  Mother of 9 year old girl

Dr. Christine has been a Godsend to our family.  She has helped me on numerous occasions by adjusting my neck and back after karate and work-related injuries.  Within one to two visits, I feel great again. My husband has had back pain for several years.  I finally convinced him to see Dr. Christine.  She determined that his “flat feet” were the cause of his back pain, and helped fit him with orthotics.  He returns occasionally to have his feet readjusted, then is fine for several more months.
Dr. Christine significantly improved my son’s quality of life!  My 12 year old son was having chronic pain in many of his joints.  We went to several doctors, who told us it was just “growing pains.”  Dr. Christine completed a very thorough exam and detected subtle abnormalities in my son’s bone and muscle structures.  She recommended pursuing genetic testing.  We found out that my son has a connective tissue disorder, which was causing him pain.  Dr. Christine has helped make lifestyle changes that have significantly reduced his pain level. We will all be forever grateful for Dr. Christine’s knowledge and caring.  Heather, Andover, MN

I have been successfully treated by Dr. Ingbretson over the past 5 years after suffering from back, neck, and foot pain.  I am always amazed at how she finds the source of the problem and treats the source and not just the symptoms.  When I moved to Alexandria, I didn’t even consider finding a new chiropractor.  I will gladly make the 2 hour drive to ensure that I get the best care that I can.  Dean, Alexandria, MN

My husband, daughter and myself have been patients of Dr. Christine’s for two and a half years now and don’t know what we would do without the attentive, diverse, professional care we receive.  I recently gave birth to our second child and received chiropractic care throughout the whole pregnancy and post partum period.  Due to that care, we believe, the successful birth and recovery were ensured.  We highly recommend Dr. Christine and her staff to anyone interested in whole body health. The Adams Family, Coon Rapids, MN

After the birth of my fourth son, I found myself in tears because I had strained my neck.  I needed some relief.  Dr. Christine was able to help me feel much better after only one visit and after two weeks I was nearly pain free.  She knows what she is doing.  Rebekah, mom of four